Re: Workaround a GNOME bug when it doesn't respect window's full screen state

"Joseph Garvin" <k04jg02 kzoo edu> wrote:

this patch makes GNOME dock disappear when a window enters full screen state.
But GNOME top panel still remains on top, don't know yet how to workaround it.
Shouldn't a bug be submitted with Gnome instead? Makes sense as a
Crossover patch but not as a wine one I think.

Wine already has workarounds for bugs in various Linux libraries,
I personally do not consider this one as a hack.

Vincent Povirk already posted a question regarding full screen support
in GNOME crossposting wine-devel and metacity-devel-list, I'm crossposting
this e-mail as well. Hopefully we will get some answers/comments/suggestions.


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