Re: New compositor patch

Elijah Newren wrote:

On 1/12/06, Soeren Sandmann <sandmann redhat com> wrote:

Here is a new patch that takes care of most of the previous comments.
I'd really like to get something committed to HEAD. This patch should
be minimally intrusive to a non-compositing metacity.

I didn't see anything to add configure checks for libcm and openGL;
should that be added?  Also, given the other email I just saw, should
we increase the required XCOMPOSITE_VERSION while we're at it?
Well, this is a server side change that should probably result in the
server-side version getting bumped, but until I do that, we can't really
check for it.

The only other thing I noticed (skipping composite.[ch]) was that you
moved the declaration of meta_window_hide() in src/window.c; seems odd
to me -- I thought it made more sense being next to
meta_window_show().  It's trivial, but I was just curious why it was
That was just sediments from when I had meta_window_hide() public.
I have moved it back next to meta_window_show().

The patch is now in cvs.


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