Re: Modal AccessX warning? [was Re: how to focus on desktop automatically if no windows open?]

On 11/14/05, Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman sun com> wrote:
> Elijah Newren wrote:..
> >
> >Actually, this reminds me of a fairly closely related issue in an
> >existing bug,
> >
> >The sticky and slow keys features get turned on automatically by
> >pressing shift 5 times or holding shift down for 8 seconds.  I have
> >done both at times without meaning to (especially the later since
> >testing out snap moving/resizing in metacity doesn't grab the shift to
> >prevent whatever-it-is from turning on the accessiblity stuff; this
> >isn't the only case though).  The important point to note is that
> >
> >  These features get turned on automatically and totally BREAK the keyboard for
> >  most users--though a dialog does appear to warn the user about what happened.
> >
> >This is by necessity, though, as you point out in that bug.  But if
> >the user tries to interact with any application they're going to be
> >very perplexed (they really should respond to the dialogs first,
> >meaning that the dialogs should in some sense be some approximation to
> >system modal, as also discussed in that bug).
> >
> How did you 'accidentally' dismiss the dialog, if SlowKeys was indeed
> on?  With the mouse?  (That seems rather willful to me).

Well, I just tried again to see what happened.  It looks like I
assumed accidental dismisall of one of the dialogs (several were
launched), when in fact it was probably the weirdness of having
multiple dialogs launched.  Since the first dialog launched turns
slowkeys on but gives you an option to turn it back off by hitting
cancel, and since the second one turns it off but gives you a chance
to turn it back on by hitting cancel, it seems that the order you
press cancel for all the dialogs matters.  Indeed, I incorrectly
expected that hitting cancel on both in either order would return
things to the state they were in before but that is just not true. 
Very annoying.  But it appears the bug here is just the fact that
multiple of these alert dialogs can be open at the same time.  So, we
need to fix that.


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