Re: how to focus on desktop automatically if no windows open?

Elijah Newren wrote:

On 11/10/05, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
Metacity is doubtless focusing something or other. Try typing and see
what it is...
Well, I did, before even sending this message.
I hit the arrow keys, hoping to see a focus
ring or something moving somewhere, and hit
Enter, hoping something would activate.  But
no dice.

The only things I can see are a panel (I only
have one) and nautilus's desktop.  If something
has focus, I don't know what it is.

It's the designated no-focus-window (a window created by Metacity that
the user never sees but is around to ensure that global keybindings
work...).  That window can also get focused when certain bugs (e.g.
X11's utterly stupid RevertTo behavior) are worked around.

I think that the presence of an invisible no-focus window may be an accessibility violation (i.e. may violate '508' paragraph 1194.21c). We might have to go to the explanatory "guidance" documents to be sure; basically a "well-defined, onscreen indication" of focus must always be present. Now, if there IS no focus, is the absence of a well-defined onscreen indication a bug? Perhaps the absence of focus is itself a violation, the correct interpretation is not immediately apparent.

My view/guess is that there should always be some keyboard focus (i.e. the 'no focus' case should not be allowed), and therefore some onscreen indication must always be provided. The problem with the status quo is that the case of "no onscreen object is focussed" is not distinguishable to the end user from the case of "onscreen focus is not correctly indicated".

I understand the consistency problems with focussing the desktop by default, but then again sloppy focus is broken anyway by consensus (doesn't mean it's wrong to use it :-) ). I, too, would expect that the desktop would get focus if all windows were de-focussed/closed, because indeed the desktop window DOES have special semantics from the end user point of view. I think that focussing the DESKTOP-type window in the absence of other focus, as the last case in the else (if you will) is a reasonable behavior, and I don't think the consistency issues with sloppy focus are actually that problematic (i.e. "focus-follows-mouse only applies to 'regular' windows" seems like a sane policy)


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