Additional issues to address for the constraints_experiments branch?


constraints_experiments is nearing completion and is in testable
state.  It involves an almost total rewrite of constraints.c, plus
lots of sanitization of things that touch it (and some other changes
related to all the changes in constraints plus other bug fixes found
when trying to determine whether bugs were constraints.c related or
not...).  I've been running with it instead of HEAD for almost a month
now, and in fact I can't stand using HEAD anymore.  ;-)  However, only
recently did I stamp out some of the big regressions.  I'll post the
list of bugs that have been fixed on the branch when I call for wider
testing soon (and after I fix up the out-of-date and misleading
documentation that I have for the branch), but first a couple

Is anyone aware of important constraints.c issues that they'd like to
see fixed (that don't have "constraints_experiments:targeted" in the
status whiteboard or aren't filed in bugzilla)?  In particular:

Bill: Are there any major constraints-related accessibility problems
other than #156699 (which should be fixed already) that you'd like me
to look at?

Havoc, Rob: Any important points to consider/test given your
experience with constraints stuff?  (I fixed the one thing you pointed
out earlier, Havoc, namely the removal of the "while
(!constraints_satisfied)  apply_constraints_again()" stuff via use of
a much different algorithm).


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