I found strange thing, so would like to give a question.

I'm one of "still active" Korean translator of GNOME and I still have gnome e-mail alias, GNOME LDAP account.
I found that my name was not included membership renewal notice e-mail in March, April, May 2018 and It should be. As result, my name is disappeared in  here( https://www.gnome.org/foundation/membership/ ), I do not know why my name is removed from there.

but I still can use my alias e-mail address. what a strange thing, nobody told me that I should renew but I still can doing activity as a GNOME member, so what does it meaning of?
you can find old e-mail sent in last year, including 'renewal' in subject. i checked number of time that my name isn't any message sent in last year.
please find whether my name was somewhere message or not, I missed a chance to renew and many person seem to forget.

Seong-ho Cho

GNOME Asia Summit 2013 Local Organizer.
Translator, getting involved on variety open source software projects.

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