Membership committee topic at GNOME Foundation AGM

Hi membership committee,

It's customary for the committees to present a short item at the GNOME Foundation's annual general meeting at GUADEC; usually about what the committee has achieved during the past year and/or plans for the coming year. As the board is preparing the meeting, usually we ask for slides around this time, but in order to make things easier for the committees, that is optional this year. If you would like to present without slides that is fine, or alternatively send a few lines of text and/or an image that we can put in a slide for you.

All we need to know is who will be presenting on behalf of the committee and whether you want to add anything to the slide deck.

In addition the board will be voting to reappoint the committees (which we do annually) during our in-person board meeting on Wednesday so everyone please let me know if you would like to stay in the committee for this year.

We would appreciate an answer to at least the AGM question by Tuesday August 20th.

Thanks, on behalf of the board,

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