Chat with the board

Hello all,

The board met last October in Berlin to discuss between other things the relationship with the committees and health status of the existing committees since we are most likely to create new ones in the upcoming months.

As you know the committees are representing the board and taking the responsibilities of the board in certain topics. I want to say that the board is very grateful of all the job you are doing.

Because of that, we would like to have a more dynamic relationship with the membership committee, identify where the board can help to ensure you can perform their work as easy as possible, how to have new members in it, identify bottlenecks, and in general have a closer relationship and communication with all of the membership committee team.

I think the best way to chat about it is to make a videocall where some members (if you can all, perfect!) and me meet so you can explain these points and we can discuss them, then I will rely that to the board.

I created this framadate[0] for the week 15th-21th of this month so we can agree on a day where most of us can meet. Also if it works for you, we can have the call in [1]. If it doesn't work for all of us we can try others tools like Google Hangouts.

Thanks all again for your work!

Carlos Soriano
GNOME Board of Directors


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