Re: [ #13134] Application received from allan gottlieb (gottlieb AT

On Thu, Dec 20 2012, Fabiana Pedreira SimÃes via RT wrote:

Hello Allan,

Seems neither David Mason or Dan Mueth are current members of the GNOME
Foundation. Could you point me to any current Foundation members that
could vouch for you? If not, could you provide me links to your past
contributions so I can proceed reviewing your application? I have been
trying to track them through the usual sources, but managed to mostly
find your latest posts on the Gentoo mailing list.

Thanks a lot for your patience,

My work was all done way back.  It involved heavy edition of much of the
early documentation.  I realize that I am not an active contributor
(outside the gentoo mailing list, where I do contribute, but am not a

I had thought that emeritus status was a good description of my past
contributions, but can understand if that is not the view of the
foundation membership committee.


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