Re: [ #13134] Your GNOME Foundation Membership: we need some more information

On Sat, Dec 01 2012, Fabiana Pedreira SimÃes via RT wrote:

Dear Allan,

Thank you for applying to become a member of the GNOME Foundation! In
order to process your application, we need a bit more information.

It would help us to process your membership application if you could
tell us a bit more about your past contributions to GNOME, maybe point
us to some projects you worked on. Once you have provided this we'll get
back to you as soon as we can.

Best wishes,

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

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It was the documentation project.  Here is a testimonial from Dave Mason



From: "David C. Mason" <dcm AT>
Subject: Re: New Gnome Documentation Project
To: Allan Gottlieb <Allan.Gottlieb AT>
Date: 25 Jul 2000 10:30:23 -0400

Allan Gottlieb <Allan.Gottlieb AT> writes:

Some months ago I did a round of editing on the users guide that you
considered helpful.  I realize that I should once again chip in.

It would seem that the best way would be for me to obtain a copy of
the source (SGML?) and the procedure to convert it to the form the
help browser reads (html?).

I would then send back diffs for you to evaluate and selectively


thanks for the offer and I am sure we need your good eyes again. I
will, however, point you to the new GDP maintainer, Dan Mueth. I
decided to step down as I am now managing the RHAD Labs and don't feel
I have the same amount of time to put into the task.

Dan is a great person to work with and will be astounded by your
thoroughness like I was, I am sure. You can reach Dan at
<d-mueth AT>



David Mason
Red Hat Advanced Development Labs
dcm AT (919)547-0012 x248

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