Re: [ #12161] [RENEWAL] Application received from Izabel Valverde (valverde.izabel AT


Izabel always spends lots of her time organizing events in Brazil.

On Wednesday, August 17, 2011, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
+1 She's doing great things making sure GNOME is represented at events in

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Andrea Veri via RT <
membership-applications gnome org> wrote:

On Wed Aug 17 01:45:37 2011, brunobol wrote:
Dear Stormy and Vinicius,

The GNOME Membership Committee is about to process Izabel Valverde 's
application to become a GNOME Foundation Member

Please also note that this is a RENEWAL not a new membership request, so
a +1/-1 should be enough.


GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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Vinicius Depizzol <vdepizzol gmail com>

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