Re: About new Foundation members.

On Thu, 11 Feb 2010, Bruno Boaventura wrote:

Hey Membership Committee!!!

How's going? Things here are great! Being father is an awesome experience!
Just a reminder... when we accept new members in Foundation, we need
to announce their names on the foundation-list:

hi there Bruno :)

you are right but I thought announcing new members was a chairman's
duty. Also I think we should send an announcement mail to the
foundation-list after we had approved 4-5 members to avoid "spamming"
the mailing list with several mails with the same subject.

Happy to see you back! and congrats for your son, I'm sure you gonna
have great times.



 : :' :   Andrea Veri <and debian org>,
 `. `'                <av ubuntu com>,
   `-                 <av gnome org>

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