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Hi Tobias,

Op vrijdag 13-08-2010 om 12:53 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Tobias
Mueller via RT:

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee needs more information to
process the application of DaniÃl. Since you were listed
as primary contact, the committee would like you to list the
contributions that DaniÃl has made for the GNOME community in
recent times. Your input will be greatly appreciated to help us to make
a fair and informed decision in the granting or denying the applicant as
a foundation member.

In the past, DaniÃl has contributed Dutch translations for GNOME.

More recently, the local GUADEC organisation committee appealed to him
to help out. He did so with enthusiasm, he was present on the
registration desk every day, and made sure that last minute schedule
changes were communicated properly.

I hope this is enough information for the membership committee.


Reinout van Schouwen

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