Re: CRM recommendation: CiviCRM

Hello all, Hello Bruno,

Just a coment Between us (Membership Committee).

The dependency seems me a little complicated. It´s been 2, 3 years now since I´ve been wait for a solution to my account... Every time that we try to recover the subject always I have the same answer: - "You already have an account". I know, what I don´t know it´s about my password! Why am I saying this here? A solution that can integrated a lot of parts from a group can make all of them know how we can help more each other. Like, If Account Committee could see that the most of job it´s being doing by one person would see how important could be resolve a little simple account! Imagine, in few months Bruno will be a  "fresh dad" so how many hours He´ll have to keep the membership applications?!?

My favorite points:

* We can install it and support it ourselves.
* Configurable - you can add and edit your own fields for every type of
person you are tracking.
and the idea that I like most:

* "Allow constituents to create their own personal fundraising pages linked to an organization campaign.

At this point would be great since we can put public all the projects that we´re doing and the Board could have clean where is the money and the work envolved!!! It´s kind of relieved!

In the end... I really appreciate the recommendation!


> Hi Stormy!
> Based on these facts and our (Foundation) needs, I think that's a good
> solution. Though I think it will be hard to use it to manage GNOME
> Foundation membership. Our database have some particularities and is
> well integrated with our infrastructure (like Mango and our actual
> Foundation website). Hey, it's not a "-1". Of course we can do some
> magic to integrate every thing, but it will require time. Otherwise,
> we can use all their other features, as it will help the management of
> the Foundation. I'd like to hear the comments of the Membership
> Committee members about that, especialy Tobias and Baris, who are very
> familiar with our database.
> Keep rocking!
> Bruno
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