Re: CRM recommendation: CiviCRM

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
Here are the things we need it to do (that it does):
* It's free software: under an open source license (GNU AGPL) and developed
in an open source model with a community.
* We can install it and support it ourselves. (Several people voiced dislike
with the hosted some where else model.)
* Configurable - you can add and edit your own fields for every type of
person you are tracking.
* It has community support as well as paid support options. (We'd do
community support but if the Foundation grows a lot, at some point it might
be good to be able to hire back up support for the sys admin team.)
* Integrates with Paypal and Google Checkout.
* Automated mailings to donors (so we can thank them automatically, send
receipts, send annual reminders, etc. Comes with features like groups and
not resending to the same people, tracking click-throughs, handling bounces,
* track people (members, volunteers, sponsors and donors)
* track donations and subscriptions - it tracks in-kind, cash, and volunteer
* track events (not sure we would use this)
* import and export contribution data to/from other systems like an
accounting package (I don't know if it works with gnucash but I assume with
some work we could make that happen if it doesn't already)

Hi Stormy!

Based on these facts and our (Foundation) needs, I think that's a good
solution. Though I think it will be hard to use it to manage GNOME
Foundation membership. Our database have some particularities and is
well integrated with our infrastructure (like Mango and our actual
Foundation website). Hey, it's not a "-1". Of course we can do some
magic to integrate every thing, but it will require time.       Otherwise,
we can use all their other features, as it will help the management of
the Foundation. I'd like to hear the comments of the Membership
Committee members about that, especialy Tobias and Baris, who are very
familiar with our database.

Keep rocking!


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