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Contact Information:
Name: Elijah Newren
E-mail: newren AT gmail.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): newren
svn.gnome.org username (if any): newren

Previous GNOME Foundation member: yes

GNOME contributions:

bugzilla, metacity, libwnck, bugsquad, release-team, and lots of miscellaneous stuff

Detailed description:
- I'm co-maintainer of bugzilla, metacity, and libwnck.
- I'm a release team member (and technically the manager of the team, though I did everything I could to make 
the role not mean anything special and think I succeeded.)
- I once held the status of "clinically insane" bugsquadder; conferred by Luis on those who spent unhealthy 
amounts of time triaging bugs.
- I wrote a short guide on developing with gnome
- I've contributed dozens and dozens of random patches across modules (including build fixes, bug squashes, 
implementing fd.o specs, and lots of other random stuff)
- I've represented GNOME at a few of the Desktop Architects Meetings.

More detailed write-up (slightly out-of-date) at: http://www.gnome.org/~newren/

Vincent Untz (vuntz AT gnome.org)(fellow release-team member, future manager, co-maintainer of libwnck and 
the one that's done all the recent work, gnome-panel maintainer, foundation board member, etc., etc.)

Thomas Thurman (thomas AT thurman.org.uk)(co-maintainer of metacity, getting more involved in bugzilla stuff, 
also maintains fusa and probably is working on other stuff)

Olav Vitters (ovitters AT gmail.com>)(maintainer of bugzilla, new member of the release team, sysadmin, 
kidnapper extraordinaire, etc.)

I can provide more individuals if needed.  Just let me know how many more you need.


Other comments:
You guys rock, thanks so much for taking care of the membership committee duties.  You're one of the silent, 
unsung heroes of GNOME who don't get much fame for what you do, but your work is critical.  Thanks a bunch!

[Application received at Sat Sep 22 1:07:44 2007 (Eastern time)]

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