Re: Kicking off the RT/Mango handling process

Le samedi 21 octobre 2006, à 18:54, Baris Cicek a écrit :

We have a few tickets in the RT (I hope you have accounts for RT and
Mango already) that can be taken up to begin with so that you get
comfortable handling the issues.

When can we begin ?
As soon as possible. We need to process those waiting applications, and
kick the election timetable. I'll prepare the draft schedule for 2006
elections and probably we will have all the applications handled till the
closing date of eligible voters. (Which would be at most end of this
month, and next month will be election month).

Hi :-)

Thanks for starting working on the schedule. I believe the deadline for
applying for membership should be at least one or two weeks after the
schedule is published, though. Else people might miss the announce and
people will not apply. Also, don't forget to tell people whose
membership ended to reapply ;-)

Btw, the board decided that we'll have 7 seats open for elections (like
next year).



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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