Re: Concerns about the election process

On Sun, 2006-26-11 at 20:18 -0600, Gabriel Burt wrote:
On 11/26/06, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
What he's saying is that, suppose you voted for me, Quim, Federico,
Dave, Bastien, Luis, and Jeff, and were given the anonymous token
0bhnyOzwLJ05jYV2phjusfe0jBYO3HZf.  How do you make sure that no one else
who voted for the same seven candidates received the same anonymous

I misunderstood.  This could be solved by printing the token and the
date/time that the vote was received, couldn't it?

This solution would reduce the degree of the problem, but you still have
the (less likely) problem of people voting for the same candidate around
the same date/time.  It's really much easier to simply allow the user to
provide their own token.

Is this information being logged so it could be used in this election?
Another way could be to publish a list of people who voted, and people
can check they are listed there, and compare the number of voters to
the number of votes listed.

This doesn't help the problem at all since it still doesn't convince me
that my token belongs uniquely to me unless you put each person's token
on the list beside their name (which destroys voter anonymity).


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