Re: Official Ballot for 2005 GNOME Foundation Elections

Hi Richard,

Le vendredi 09 dÃcembre 2005 Ã 23:13 -0500, Richard M. Stallman a
Ãcrit :
When I voted, and got my token, I had trouble reading it because it
was in a peculiar font.  One character might be an O or an 0--I am not
sure which.  Another character might be an I or an l--I am not sure

Since no other text in the page uses that font, I have no way of
determining the answers.  I don't know what font it is, nor how to
find out.

I think you should use a fixed-width font with serifs for these codes,
so that there will be no uncertainty.

Sorry for the late answer. This should be fixed now. As an example, you
can see how tokens will be displayed on this page:



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressÃs.

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