Re: Processing applications

On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 21:38 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

Le dimanche 12 fÃvrier 2006 Ã 17:54 +0200, Baris Cicek a Ãcrit :
It would be really better to process applications via web interface.
However it's been almost more than 2 months that we haven't proceeded
any application.

I didn't have time to check the sources of the web interface yet. But
I'll take a look at them today to see if it is possible to complete a
working system in a week or so.

If we can finish the web interface in a week, we can start to use it

I didn't have tome to work on it again either :/ I don't think there's a
lot of thing that are missing, but IIRC, it's not quite working yet.

However we should ask for references during this time, that seems like
what we should do either with system or not.

I'll try to make a list of waiting applications, and I think Vincent can
at least process renewals. Then we can ask for referances of applicants
for opinions.

Well, I'm quite reluctant to process applications, even renewals since
I'm not in the committee any more. I'm okay to update the database,

I can also send the renewal acceptance mails, but I'd very much prefer
if you come up with a list of renewal that are okay first.
Sure, I didn't mean you to check applications, I just meant you to add
them to database. Actually if the database is the same database we used
during elections then maybe I can do the renewals since I got access to
that database? 


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