Re: Fwd: Updation of new email id

Sorry for late action. Your e-mail address has been changed and your
ballot is sent. Please let us know if you haven't get your ballot in a

On Mon, 2005-11-28 at 18:28 +0530, Kaushal Kumar wrote:

As there has been no response to my earlier request for email id
updation, I am re-sending my request. Could you please update it and
also send me the ballot for the vote.


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From: Kaushal Kumar <kaushalkumar1 gmail com>
Date: Nov 20, 2005 12:10 PM 
Subject: Updation of new email id
To: GNOME Foundation Membership Committee
<membership-committee gnome org>
Cc: kakumar novell com, kaushalkumar1 gmail com


I would like to inform that my email id kakumar novell com has become
inactive since I am not working for Novell anymore. 

Request to please update my new id (kaushalkumar1 gmail com) in your
records so that I can participate in the upcoming election of
foundation board members.

Thanks a lot and sorry about any inconvenience.
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