Application received from Gabriel Burt (gabriel.burt AT

Contact Information:
Name: Gabriel Burt
E-mail: gabriel.burt AT nickname (if any): gabuag username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Bug reporting, triaging, and fixing for F-Spot, contributions to the new website.

Detailed description:
I have submitted or commented on 74 F-Spot bugs.

I have written patches that fix UI issues (eg drag and drop tags to reparent them, inline tag name editing, 
the timeline widget not scrolling when the scroll window of photos scrolls, etc).  I have also written 
patches for speeding up tagging performance and proposed (and implemented) a new way of querying tags (with 
AND, OR, and NOT logic) that goes beyong the current, very simplistic OR logic.  I work with Larry and other 
F-Spot contributors regularly to fix problems and discuss upcoming features and possibilities.

I also proposed and helped get the new F-Spot website going ( and have contributed 
significantly to filling it out.

I've also filed misc. bugs with Evolution, Evince, and Nautilus, and had a (simple) patch accepted by the 
Yelp project.

Larry Ewing - lewing novell com - maintainer of F-Spot

Aaron Bock -  abockover novell com - maintainer of Banshee, contributer to F-Spot

I am mentioned in the F-Spot ChangeLog and Credits.

Other comments:

[Application received at Mon Nov 21 18:25:46 2005 (Eastern time)]

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