How to add a member (Re: TODO list for the elections)

On Fri, November 18, 2005 11:23, Vincent Untz wrote:
 * process the applications sent before the deadline
   => There's not a lot. Should be easy.

IIRC, there's only two applications sent before the deadline to process:
  + Gerald Friedland
    see this thread:
  + Johan Dahlin (renewal)

I won't process them.

I totally forgot to explain how to add a new member/renew a membership.
So here we go.

Log in MySQL.

To create a new member accepted on 2005/11/16:

$ INSERT INTO foundationmembers (firstname, lastname, email, first_added,
last_renewed_on) VALUES ('Rupert', 'The Monkey', 'rupert gnome rg',
'2005/11/16', '2005/11/16');

To renew a member, with the renewal accepted on 2005/11/16:

$ SELECT * FROM foundationmembers WHERE firstname = "Rupert";

Note the id of the member. Then:

$ UPDATE foundationmembers SET  last_renewed_on="2005-11-16" WHERE id=$ID;

If you need to update the email address too:

$ UPDATE foundationmembers SET  email='rupert newgnome org',
last_renewed_on="2005-11-16" WHERE id=$ID;

You'll then need to send the usual accept/renew mail and subscribe the
member to foundation-announce.


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