TODO list for the elections

Hey guys,

As the current howto for the elections is not updated, here's a quick
TODO list for the elections:

 * post a news on asking for questions to ask to the
   => See also

 * announce list of candidates
   => See also

 * process the applications sent before the deadline
   => There's not a lot. Should be easy.

 * prepare the elections
   => it means adding one row in a sql database. It's not hard, but you
      need the access rights to do it. I can do it if necessary.

 * write the instructions for the vote
   => easy.

 * send instruction mails for the vote
   => same as the previous item.

 * announce preliminary results
   => easy, since you don't have to count the results :-)

 * process challenges
   => easy: usually, there's no challenge

 * announce the official results
   => easy :-)

I probably won't do all of this, but I can help you if needed
(especially for the parts where the database is involved since I'm the
only one to have the rights right now...)

Any volunteer for some items? :-)

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressÃs.

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