Re: Instructions for the Reducing Board Size Referendum


GNOME Foundation Elections wrote:

Dear Henry Jia,

It is with great pleasure that the GNOME Membership & Elections
Committee is announcing the start of the voting period for the Reducing
Board Size Referendum. Your vote should be received by Sunday, November
6th 2005, 23:59 UTC.

This email contains instructions for voting in this referendum.

About the Referendum

In September 2005, some Foundation members discussed a possible
reduction of size of the GNOME Foundation board of directors. The
discussion took place on foundation-list gnome org  You can read the
original thread here:

After much discussion, a petition was made to request a refrendum. More
than 10% of the Membership signed the petition:

The proposed question is: "Shall the board size be reduced from its
current 11 directors to 7 directors?"

Informations about the GNOME Foundation is available at:

Voting instructions

Please read all the instructions before proceeding to the vote.

The vote will occur on a webpage. There are four steps during the vote:
 - step 1 is authentication
 - step 2 is where you choose your vote
 - step 3 lets you confirm your vote
 - step 4 is a confirmation that your vote has been accepted and gives
   you the anonymous token that will enable you to verify your vote.

Please note that you will not be able to change your vote, and you will
not receive a confirmation for your vote by e-mail.

Please keep the anonymous token given to you in step 4 because you will
not be able to retrieve it later.

At the end of the voting period, anonymized votes will be posted
publicly for verification. At that time, please verify that your vote
was received and counted and alert elections gnome org if it was not.

Concerns or questions about the voting process should be sent to
elections gnome org  Preliminary results will be announced as soon as
possible after voting closes (most probably on November 5th). Challenges
to these preliminary results should be sent prior to November 11th.

In order to vote, please go to:

You will need to use these informations to authenticate yourself:

E-mail: henry jia sun com
Vote token: GHiO0TMGe7


Votes will not be accepted after Sunday, November 6th 2005, 23:59 UTC, so
make sure you vote before this time.

The GNOME Foundation Election & Membership Committee

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