Candidacy: Quim Gil

Candidacy: Quim Gil

GNOME is technically ready for the general public. Does the general
public know this? Ask your neighbour. In order to make GNOME a
mainstream desktop we need to focus in the social aspects of software as
much as in the technical development. If the mountain doesn't go to
GNOME, GNOME goes to the mountain.

Actions recommended to be promoted by the board in which I possibly
could play a useful role: megawebsite, GUADEC & smaller
events, smartketing, strengthen our brand, extend The GNOME Experience
to proprietary desktops, start discussing seriously GNOME 3.0.

I'm going to be one of the GUADEC7 organisers, I will have time for
GNOME anyway. I think my profile can fit in the kind of tasks needed in
the board.

Quim Gil |

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