Re: GNOME Membership Application of J. Kurt von Finck II

On Sun, 2005-02-27 at 17:37 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
Dear Ross and Christian,

The GNOME foundation membership committee needs more informations to
process the application of J. Kurt von Finck II. Since he has listed you
as the primary contacts, the committee would like you to list the
contributions that J. Kurt von Finck II has made for the GNOME community
in recent times. Your input will be greatly appreciated to help us to
make a fair and informed decision in the granting or denying the
applicant as a foundation member.

Kurt's been hanging out in the sysadmin circles for a few months now,
and has taken on a few worthwhile responsibilities. He helped repackage
the GNOME mailman RPM and has agreed to handle upgrading it as and when
required. He is a member of the moderation team. He generally tries to
be helpful on the list and on IRC wherever possible.

My only concern is that I thought that being a GNOME foundation member
suggested that you have made significant/consistent contributions over a
long-term period. If that's the case, I'd rather wait a while and see
how Kurt progresses. As yet, he has only undertaken a few relatively
minor tasks and has only been on the scene for a couple of months. If
he's still around and active after 6-12 months, maybe I could give a
more wholehearted endorsement :)

That is to say, while (IMHO) his contributions so far haven't been
massive, they have still been useful, and appreciated. It's always nice
to see someone enthusiastic about helping out, and I wouldn't want to
put a dampener on that.

I hope that helps you to decide! Sorry I can't give you a
straightforward yes or no answer - I'm still fairly undecided myself.


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