Re: GNOME Membership Application of J. Kurt von Finck II

sön 2005-02-27 klockan 17:37 +0100 skrev Vincent Untz:
Dear Ross and Christian,

The GNOME foundation membership committee needs more informations to
process the application of J. Kurt von Finck II. Since he has listed you
as the primary contacts, the committee would like you to list the
contributions that J. Kurt von Finck II has made for the GNOME community
in recent times. Your input will be greatly appreciated to help us to
make a fair and informed decision in the granting or denying the
applicant as a foundation member.

Kurt von Finck (or "mneptok" as he calls himself) joined the GNOME
sysadmin team one and a half months ago. He now maintains the mailman
installation on, and has been helping out with various
other tasks as well, such as moderation on mailing lists etc.
He has suggested many improvements of the service configurations and
also helped carry out changes to many of them.

In my own opinion, he is well worthy of a Foundation membership. I don't
know the opinion of Ross -- Ross is possibly a better judge of the
contributions, since he is the sysadmin team lead.


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