Re: GNOME Foundation Referendum - Ballots sent


On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 12:21, Vincent Untz wrote:
Your ballot was delivered to your mail server [1].
Before sending a new one again, can you verify if that the ballot was
not caught as spam?
[1] here's the relevant part of mail.log:
Sep 28 10:57:31 grenoble postfix/smtp[15344]: 6CDE11126CB:
to=<rbultje ronald bitfreak net>,[], delay=5, status=sent (250 Ok:
queued as EFBA3E40F1)
(the timezone is CEST, i.e. UTC+2)

I can't really tell, because the mailserver I'm working on is not mine.
My mail is handled by the company owned by a friend of mine. There is
indeed spamassasin running on that mailserver, so I cannot say if that's
the problem or not. If you want to prevent being caught as spam, send to
my university's mail account: R S Bultje students uu nl  But I suppose
it's better to just not be caught as spam in the first place. ;).


Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje ronald bitfreak net>

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