Re: Remaining applications

Hi all,

Gareth Owen:
I've sent a mail to Bastien.

This applications has been already accepted monday by Vincent. OK then ! :-)  
Benedikt Christopeit:
I've sent a mail to Sven.

We are waiting a second reply about Sven. I think we should deny this application.
andrius gustas:
I've sent him a mail to have more details.

We are waiting for a reply ...
David SedeÃo FernÃndez:
It seems the consensus here was to tell him to move gwget in 5th toe and
reapply after that. Is it ok?

OK !

Gora Mohanty:
Gael and Sayamindu think it's a bit too early to approve this one. As for
me, I'm not sure: accepting him may make him contribute more. If this
application is denied, I suggest to use kind words and tell him he's on
the good way. Any other opinion?

Seen like that, why not :-) 

Grahame Bowland:
Maybe a bit too soon... If denied, I suggest the "kind words" solution
here too.

OK, like for Gora ...

Same here. Should be encouraged.

OK to encourage him ...

Srinivasa Ragavan:
I'd say accept.

OK too.
Khandakar Mujahidul Islam:
A bit too early too?

Too early for me.

Marinus Schraal:
Packager, and thus should probably be accepted.

Yes, he is the leader of the GNOME packaging Team.

Archana Shah:
A bit too early too?

Too early, but we should encourage him ...

Vinay Mandyakoppal Ramegowda:
Need to verify, but I'd say it's ok.

Yes. he have Glynn as contact. Glynn, what are you thinking about him ?

Julio M. Merino Vidal:
Packager, so I'd say ok.

OK too. He is really motivated to being part of the GNOME project :-)

Cai Qian:
Translation of GIMP help. Does that count?

I would say yes... 

<strider gnome org> 

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