[RENEWAL] Application received from Jean-Marc Valin (jean-marc.valin AT usherbrooke.ca)

Contact Information:
Name: Jean-Marc Valin
E-mail: jean-marc.valin AT usherbrooke.ca
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): 
cvs.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: yes

GNOME contributions:

FlowDesigner co-author

Detailed description:
I am one of the two main authors of the FlowDesigner (http://flowdesigner.sourceforge.net/) application for 
rapid development of scienticic (DSP, robotics, ...)

Dominic Letourneau (dominic letourneau usherbrooke ca) (other co-author of FlowDesigner)

Other comments:

[Application received at Tue Sep 21 10:40:47 2004 (Eastern time)]

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