Application received from Joaquin Cuenca Abela (e98cuenc AT

Contact Information:
Name: Joaquin Cuenca Abela
E-mail: e98cuenc AT nickname (if any): cuenca username (if any): cuenca

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Translation, glade3, abiword

Detailed description:
Translation of a lot of help files (I did all that were present on Gnome 1.0, but only a few of these have 
survived until now).

Did the initial port of AbiWord to Gnome, and posterior random hacking, but I halted my AbiWord committement 
~2 years ago.

I took the maintenership of glade-3 and I've been working on it since a while ago.

glade3 changelog at
A lot of spanish translations (ex:

Other comments:
This last year I've done almost nothing for Gnome, except a bit of hacking on glade-3 and bug reports.

Most of my Gnome work was done in the past years.

If only counts work done this year to be eligible for membership I guess that I should be discarted.

[Application received at Tue Sep 21 9:55:19 2004 (Eastern time)]

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