Re: GNOME Foundation Membership Renewal

Hey Vincent,

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 11:56 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
On Mer 15 septembre 2004 23:14, Malcolm Tredinnick a Ãcrit :
Hi guys,

The membership application form does not contain a privacy policy link.
So people are going to be justified in assuming that all of the
information submitted will be kept in complete confidence (to do
otherwise would violate laws in the US, Australia and Europe, at least).
Since that is almost certainly *not* what is going to happen (in the
past all of the submitted information has been put into the publically
accessible CVS repository, you really need to correct this oversight.

Hi Malcolm,

I added a privacy note to the form. As I'm not a specialist, I'll be glad
if you could look at it and tell me if it looks ok.

Thanks for attending to this. A couple of comments -- the version on the
website says...

Please note that all the informations you will submit through this
form will be publically available: the form will send an e-mail to a
mailing list whose archives are publically available on Internet and
your application will probably be accessible through CVS.

- In the first sentence, "information" should have no 's'.

- In the last sentence, the information will be "publically available on
the Internet" (insert "the").

- Remove "probably" from the last sentence? Sounding indecisive in a
privacy statement doesn't feel me with confidence. :-)

- It may be worth putting an introductory sentence along the lines of
"The GNOME Foundation tries to be as transparent as possible. This
includes making it easy to find out who is a member of the Foundation."
This provides some justification for membership details being publically

I am not a great fan of having the entire application available to the
public. But this is the way it's been done since the early days of
membership back in 2000, so it's obviously not a huge disaster. It would
be nice to be clear why we are doing this in any case.


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