Re: Renewals

On Ven 10 septembre 2004 14:26, Vincent Untz a écrit :
On Ven 10 septembre 2004 13:57, Vincent Untz a écrit :
And then, we mark the membership as renewed.

To do so, I suggest we just add an entry to application_status.txt
(with an * after the name because it's a renewal) and bump the date for
the member in membership_new.txt to MAX(current date + 2 years, today)

E.g.: if the date was 2002-08-19, then it should be changed to 2004-09-10
and if it was 2002-10-12, then it should be changed to 2004-10-12.

And some more stuff:

* verify that the member needed to renew his membership (if it's not the
case, then we just tell him he did not need to renew). If that's the case,
use "duplicate" in application_status.txt instead of "accept"/"deny"

* update the e-mail address in membership_new.txt if necessary


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