Re: Membership Database

On Mar 7 septembre 2004 11:44, Vincent Untz a écrit :
On Ven 6 août 2004 20:16, Eric Baudais a écrit :

You said last year when we were first talking about a database, you
would be willing to parse the two membership text files.  Can you
parse the two text files into one text file with the following fields?

Hi Eric,

I'll try to write such a script today.

Here's a first script. Run it like this:
$ application_status.txt membership_new.txt

You'll need to have cvs HEAD for the files because I fixed some

This is one of my first python scripts, so the code is
really ugly, I suppose...

I see two problems right now: people who renewed their membership
appear twice (it shouldn't be too hard to fix) and I didn't know
how to get the first name and last name from the name (what should
be done for people with long names?).

Tell me if it does a good job for you and what doesn't work.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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