Back to work!

Hi all,

Summer is ending, and this is a sign: we have to go back to work.
So here's a quick summary of what we have to do:

* process remaining applications
  => Gael has one a good work of summarizing the applications. If
     everyone helps, this should be easy to handle.

* send renewals notices
  => lots of memberships have ended. We need to tell people they
     have to renew. Once people say they want to renew, we just
     have to accept them (according to the guidelines). So this
     is not too hard.
     If there's no volunteer for that, I can send the mails
     telling people they have to renew.

* prepare the elections
  => we should submit a timeline for the next elections to the
     board, and then send it to foundation-announce.
     Any volunteer for that? A good start is to look at what was
     done last year.

* membership database
  => Eric is doing a good job there. I need to write a script so
     he can import the data in the database.

* referendum
  => we're so late on this one... Organizing the referendum won't
     be too hard (it's a bit like elections...). But the proposal
     for the anonymous voting mechanism should be worked on.
     I think we'll need help from people not in the committee for
     What do you think?

Did I forget some stuff? Any volunteer for some of the tasks?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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