Re: Minutes of Membership Committee Meeting: 6 Mar 2004

Thanks for the minutes, Gael.

Here are some comments.

Le mercredi 10 mars 2004, a 23:10, Gael CHAMOULAUD a ecrit :
      ACTION: Before accepting members, we discuss the application a
      bit on the list, to reach a consensus. The applications should
      be done in a reasonable timer period (5 days maximum). (All the

Seems to be working well :-)

      ACTION: Prepare the referendum about "anonymous voting" (All the

We need a strike team to work on this. We need to :
  * define a protocol explaining how the anonymous voting will work
  * present the protocol on foundation-list and get some feedback
  * rework the procotol if necessary
  * make the referendum

Who's interested in working on the protocol? We had some preliminary
work on this, IIRC. I need to dig the archives...

      ACTION: Talk with the board about one-year membership and some
      other stuff here's what we'd like to discuss:

[snip items that we can look at after the referendum]

                      * how can we make more people vote?

We'll need to address this before the referendum, I suppose.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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