I was reading Planet GNOME one day, when a friend came into the room and
told me, "You know, if you're so interested in GNOME, why don't you just
get involved in it?" 

It's true that I've always wanted to get involved with GNOME, and I
think this might be the appropriate opportunity for me to do that.

Currently, I am a junior at Boston University. I study mathematics and
plan to attend law school later on, so as far as an attention to
details, I've got that, as well as an educated love of rigor and
systematic things. 

In the past, I have done contract work for a non-profit organization
installing and maintaining Linux web, mail, database servers, so I also
consider myself familiar with the essentials of server administration. 

I can also program in a number of languages and am familiar with most of
the GNOME API. I know this volunteer work does not require a technical
background, however I mention my interest in coding because it is my
hope that through this volunteer position and through active membership
to the Foundation, I will eventually become more comfortable with the
idea of one day programming for GNOME--something I've wanted to do.

Thank you for your consideration,
Foy Savas

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