joining the committee


Here are a few notes about myself.

I'm always looking for new ways I can help GNOME.
Usually I like to think about usability and artwork and I have sent
off a few of my thoughts to the HIG mailing lists.

But recently I have been more interested in learning to hack GNOME
and add applications to it so I have been boning up on my GTK+ .
Lately I have also been really excited about Mono and so
I have been learning C# as well.

I am usually active on irc #gnome #debian #mono and a few other odd channels
from time to time.

I love reading planet Gnome and planet Debian. Always amazing to see
such incredibly skilled and productive people.

I'm also on a few of the Gnome and Debian mailing lists.

I would really like to help the committee. I usually spend about 15 hours a week working in Open Source related tasks and am prepared to commit a fair chunk of that
to this assignment if I am selected.

I am very consistent in the time I spend on OS tasks so although 15 hours a week
may not seem like a lot my consistency makes up for it to some measure.

Secularly I am not in the IT industry, I am a Sharp Photocopier Technician.
I have good attention to detail due to long hours studying and repairing
photocopiers at work, not to mention all the paper work that goes along
with that.

I have been to college for 2 years. I did not continue to university for a degree because I needed to pay bills and attend to family matters, however still I think that
a university education is something I will eventually have to do.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours truly,
Alex Combas

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