Re: Draft for the elections calendar

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 09:34, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le Mardi 30 septembre 2003, a 09:21, Luis Villa a ecrit :
Looks great!

As an aside, I got my membership renewal request today- thanks for
taking care of that. Did my request to ask for information for something

slip through the cracks or was there just not enough time?

It's somewhere on my TODO list.

Ah, cool. Just think it would be fun to have, no pressure. :) 

It's awaiting our new "membership management platform" (isn't this a
cool name? errr, no). 

Sounds very corporate. I'd add (tm) somewhere. :)

I plan to ask members to update their information
using a webform with the new platform, so they'll be able to tell where
they live and much more if we want.


Thanks again for tackling this, Vincent-

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