[RENEWAL] Application received from Frederic Crozat (fcrozat mandrakesoft com)

Contact Information:
Name: Frederic Crozat
E-mail: fcrozat mandrakesoft com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): fcrozat
cvs.gnome.org username (if any): fcrozat

Previous GNOME Foundation member: yes

GNOME contributions:

Release team member, esound co-maintainer, Mandrake Linux packager.

Detailed description:
Member of GNOME release team.
co-maintainer of esound.
Packager and maintainer for Mandrake Linux distribution of almost all GNOME software. 
Fixes various bugs in Evolution, Nautilus and a lot of other GNOME modules. 

Jeff Waugh <jdub gnome org> (GNOME release coordinator)
Luis Villa <luis ximian com> - QA coordinator
Havoc Pennington <hp gnome org> - Foundation Board Chairman
Tim Ney <ten gnome org> - Foundation Director

Other comments:
I've been forced to maintain esound.. really.. seriously.. Check desktop-devel-list if you don't trust me :))

[Application received at Tue Sep 30 7:49:51 2003 (Eastern time)]

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