Remaining applications...

Hi there

I've updated application_status.txt and processed some applications, but
there are some applications I did not process. Advices really welcome.

394 Polkan Garcia and 395 Xavier Nicolovici: See
I feel both applications should be denied.

403 Marky Goldstein: did not contribute anything, as far as I can see,
so deny.

406 Young-Ho Cha: I looked a bit but couldn't find lots of translation.
What do you think ?

408 Robert Wilhelm: former member who forgot to renew last year. I'm not
sure if he's really active now, but if our policy is to automatically
accept old members, his applications should be accepted.

414 Anne Ostergaard: Glynn, you're a contact for this one. What do you
think ?

416 Ali Akcaagac: I did not look a lot at this one. Will do later, but
if someone wants to do it, he's welcome.

And we still have these ones :
392 Sukrat Bhalla
393 Ramesh Kumar

Eric, is there any progress on these two applications or do you want us
to process them ?



Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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