Re: New ballot

Le mardi 25 novembre 2003, a 10:11, Dennis Cranston a ecrit :
I am a little concerned by the vagueness of this response.  What 
does "as soon as possible" mean?  Will the election be extended 
because of this technical problem?  Also, can I be assured that my 
ballot will arrive prior to the end of these elections?   

"As soon as possible" means as soon as the account that has been
disabled will be re-enabled. I don't know when this will happen. I've
mailed accounts gnome org and I'm waiting for a reply.

I do not think we will extend the elections if the problem is resolved
before this week-end. If it's not resolved at that time, then we might
add some more time to allow you to vote (this needs some discussion).

And be sure we won't end the elections before you got your ballot :-)


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