candidacy announcement


I'd like to be considered for re-election to the GNOME Foundation Board
of Directors for another term.

Name: Bill Haneman, billh gnome org, bill haneman sun com
Affiliation: Sun Microsystems
GNOME Affiliations: Current GNOME Board of Directors, GNOME
Accessibility Project (lead), co-maintainer of 6 GNOME desktop modules,
and daily bugzilla contributor ;-)

Why you should vote for me:

* I want to help build on the momentum the current Board is gaining,
since it takes time for a new Board to get traction;
* I'm an active GNOME hacker and lead of the GNOME Accessibility
Project, an increasingly visible aspect of GNOME;
* However I will focus on the 'big picture' GNOME perspective;

I think there are key tasks that the Board (and perhaps only the Board)
can effectively do; for instance propose policy regarding the GNOME
foot/logo and trademark, issue "GNOME-wide" press releases, and liase
between the Advisory Board and the developer community.  Beyond that,
however, I think development policy is best set by developers.



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