Re: Looking at the new applications

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Untz wrote:
Hi all !

I looked a bit at the 5 new applications that we have to process. Here
are my thoughts. Feel free to comment !

* 382 M.Ali VARDAR
This one is not easy. I think we have to contact Fatih Demir (who was
named as a contact) to know his mind. In fact, I've the impression that
Ali's contributions are old and not big ones (the programs he wrote are
not used by GNOME, he seems to have only translated anjuta one year
ago). But I may be wrong.
=> contact Fatih Demir

        Vincent, Can you do it?

* 383 Ramesh Kumar
This application does not sound "right". It's just some copy & paste
everywhere. Maybe the guy really wants to be a member, but anyway, I
can't find anything that Ramesh did for GNOME. And there's no contact.
=> deny
He has previously applied and was rejected. His application seems to imply he wants a job. I agree this should be rejected and may be clarify the process. I will take this on.

* 384 Benjamin Otte
I know he works on gstreamer and I think this is enough.
=> accept


* 385 Paul Hill
Errr... Does anyone understand what "Cataloging according to the AACR2 &
MARC21 systems." means ? I've never heard of Paul Hill, there is no
contact in his application and, well, his application does not seem
serious to me (is there really some medical terminology in GNOME ?).
=> deny


* 386 Martin Kretzschmar
maintainer for gpdf
=> accept


That's all :-)

Oh, Ghee, I think you forgot to add to the CVS module (in
applications/approved/ and applications/rejected/) the applications you
processed. Could you add them ?

Ok., I have updated Cvs now, I have them in my local cvs, but didn't know why I didn't sync up.,



Ghee Teo

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