4 new applicants


I haven't heard from anyone in a while so I added the 4 new applicants
to CVS.  I have already accepted Rob Adams and Carlos Campos.  They
both have been doing very good work.  Rob has been fixing bugs with
metacity and working on open standards for window managers on
freedesktop.org.  Carlos has been assisting the maintainer of
gnome-system-tools with fixing bugs and other stuff.  Carlos also
wrote some Spanish documentation for gdialog and has been active with

The other two applicants I feel should be rejected.  Sukrat Bhalla did
not provide any information about contributions to GNOME and I was
unable to find his name referenced to any contributions to GNOME.
Ramesh Kumar I feel should also be rejected.  The webpage he
references doesn't have any code, but is just a repeat of what he has
put into his previous two applications.  I feel he needs a very
personalized response stating he needs to show code which he has
contributed to a GNOME application or code for his own GNOME

Eric Baudais

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