Application received from Jan ┼kerblom (jaker sci fi)

Contact Information:
Name: Jan Åkerblom
E-mail: jaker sci fi nickname (if any): username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Finnish translation,

Detailed description:
Authored the finnish translation of Firestarter (GNOME 2.0 Extra, (currently 
work-in-progress due to firestarter author supporting two incompatible major versions, 0.8.x (G1.4) and 0.9.x 
(G2.0)). Webmaster and active member of the Gnome Finnish Translation Team (

Jarkko Ranta <jjranta cc joensuu fi> (Gnome finnish translation team, project leader)
Sami Pesonen <spesonen dlc fi> (Gnome Foundation member)
Tomas Junnonen <tjunnone abo fi> (Firestarter creator, developer, maintainer. Gnome Foundation member as 
<majix sci fi>)

Other comments:
Recently helped organize the Gnome "booth" at the Linux Demo Day in Helsinki, Finland. 
(, pictures at
Due to the scandinavian character Å in my name, the spelling may vary between instances, I have sometimes 
been credited as Jan Akerblom, Janne Akerblom, or Janne Åkerblom. I have alternate email addresses, including 
(but not limited to) <jou sci fi>, <jaker users sourceforge net>.
 I am currently reading GTK+ and hope to one day contribute by releasing a Gnome-biased program of my own, or 
by contributing to an existing project.

[Application received at Sat Sep 28 15:39:53 2002 (Eastern time)]

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