Re: GNOME Foundation Membership - Denied

Le 18 Sep 2002 23:55:56 +0200, Martin Baulig a ecrit :

GNOME Foundation Membership Committee <membership gnome org> writes:

We are sorry to inform you that your application to the GNOME
Foundation Membership has been denied.


the membership guidelines are not very precise about what "any
contributor to GNOME" and"a non-trivial improvement of the GNOME
Project" means.  Does this only include core GNOME libraries (gtk,
libgnome, bonobo etc.) or is developing an application which just uses
GNOME already enough ?  If not, well, them I'm out of luck and really
not eligible for membership.  Otherwise I'll explain what this GNOME
application is ....


This is my personal feeling but I believe the whole committee will
agree. According to the current policy, if the application you're
talking about is a good thing for the GNOME Desktop and is a GNOME
application - which seems to be the case -, then we'll be happy to
accept your application.

However, right now, we may stop processing applications while we're
working on a new policy with the board.



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