Application received from JosÚ Carlos Marcos (jcmarcos copenhague info)

Contact Information:
Name: José Carlos Marcos
E-mail: jcmarcos copenhague info nickname (if any): deckard username (if any): deckard(cvs of gnome-hispano)

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:


Detailed description:

I'am the mantainer of Gsalta.This program is part of the project GUNIH, to introduce GNOME in universities , 
GSalta is very important for laboratories of biomecánica of some universities. In Spain are 11 public 
universities and 5 private universities that wants to put Linux and GNOME in their laboratories to use 
it.Gslata is in the cvs of gnome-hispano module gsalta.GSalta 1.0 will be ready the next week after 11 months 
of developing. 


Agnubis is the GNOME Presentation Program .I've
developed a server and now I'm implementing a client that allows agnubis to use remote presentations.

GST (Gnome setup tools):

I've contributing to the configuration of the bsd-init services. BSD-init is used in Slackware 
and another Linux distributions.  


GSlackMan is a gnome based package management tool for slackware systems.I'am developing GSlackman with 
Alvaro Peña (Alvaro pena hispalinux es) and Yann (yann wanwanscappel free fr). GSlackman will be in the cvs 
of gnome-hispano in a few days.

IRC:I'am preparing a IRC-talk about GStreamer for 
the #gnome-hispano irc channel.

Documentation:I'am writing (but not finished jet)
a part of the chapter about libxml in the GNOME book of Gnome-hispano.

Rodrigo Moya 
email:(rodrigo gnome-db org)

Carlos Garnacho email:(garnacho tuxserver net),GST mantainer.

Roberto Majadas 
email:(phoenix nova es) GUNIH and book of Gnome in spanish.

Luis Manuel Benítez 
email:(vigueto teleline es) Agnubis mantainer

Other comments:

[Application received at Wed Nov 13 13:51:40 2002 (Eastern time)]

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