Re: Official list of candidates + questions

Le Wed, 6 Nov 2002 11:40:47 +0000 (GMT), Ghee Seng Teo a ecrit :

I'll try to send the list tomorrow afternoon (in ~13 hours). I'll
make a post on footnote too. I was wondering if the questions are
ready to be sent once I'll have sent the list. Or is there some work
to do on them ?

      I propose  Q 11 with the following wording.
      11) One of the ingredient for success in an Open Source project
      such as GNOME is committed and dedicated memberships. How would
      you propose to promote new membership, and encourage commitment
      of existing membership to make the GNOME desktop the desktop of
      choice?[ Hints: the number of Foundation members have reduced
      from 460  in 2001 to approximately 300 in 2002 ]
      I know this is a bit ;), but would be interesting to see what
      the answers are.

I'm okay with this question, but people will find it strange that there
are 11 questions. They tend to like 10 (this is a good number).

Do what you feel is the better.

I still did not send the announcement because I'm waiting for Nat's


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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